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Everyone knows a well-rounded diet filled with leafy greens is key to optimal health. But your canine companion doesn’t need to “eat the rainbow” to stay in tip-top shape. So, why are they so keen on eating grass every time they step outside?

Key Takeaways

  1. Grass Simply Tastes Good!
  2. It’s Done out of Instinct
  3. They Need More Fiber
  4. Your Pup has an Upset Stomach
  5. They’re Feeling Bored
  6. Your Dog has a Diet Deficiency

Obsessive grass-eating is one of those dog behaviors that can leave you scratching your head. Your furry friend might snack on grassy greens for any number of reasons. So, let’s explore this four-legged logic.

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Why is My Dog Eating Grass? 6 Reasons Why

Generally speaking, it is normal for dogs to eat grass. Of course, it’s not ideal. You likely don’t want your canine companion turning to your perfectly trimmed lawn to satisfy their stomach, especially not when you provide them with only the best foods!

Dogs may eat grass due to nutritional deficiencies or simply for fun. It’s hard to say for certain the reason behind this practice. Regardless, you know your canine companion better than anyone else!

However, grass-eating isn’t always motivated by a physical need. Your furry friend likely doesn’t eat grass out of hunger. There are many reasons why dogs eat grass, so let’s dive into each one.

dog laying in grass and eating grass many dogs eaten grass dogs eat grass eats grass dogs eat grass dogs eat grass dog

#1. Grass Simply Tastes Good!

Though your pup might enjoy juicy steaks for dinner, it’s normal for dogs to eat both meats and plants. Especially in the warmer months, dogs can get interested in the taste, texture, and smell of natural leafy greens.

Your dog might be eating grass because he or she likes the earthy flavor or leafy texture. Grass might not be your go-to healthy snack, but to your pup, it’s simply delicious!

If you know your dog is eating grass, it’s a good idea to maintain a clean lawn. You don’t want them chowing down on some grassy greens that are covered in feces. If you don’t have the time or stomach to regularly pick up dog poop, just hire a team of stool-scooping professionals to do it for you!

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#2. It’s Done out of Instinct

Over time, the digestive and dietary needs of canines have adapted to fit the lifestyle of domesticated dogs. Your pup’s ancestors didn’t nibble on dry kibble when they got hungry. Instead, they ate the entirety of whatever they hunted, including the meat, bones, and stomach contents of their prey.

Wild dogs were able to maintain a balanced diet by eating entire animals. But now, all they have is processed dog foods. Though you might buy your pup high-end, premium chow, that doesn’t mean they won’t revert back to their natural instincts at one point or another and start foraging for grass.

dog eating spilled dog food on the floor dog dog dog is eating grass showing signs sensitive stomach pet insurance showing signs

#3. They Need More Fiber

Dogs will eat anything that fulfills their basic dietary requirements. Grass is a good source of fiber, which is likely lacking in your pup’s diet. If your pooch isn’t getting enough fiber, they might be constipated or have trouble passing stool.

Fiber is one of the most crucial elements in a dog’s diet. Eating grass gives your pup the fiber it needs to properly digest food and pass stool. Fiber is the key to a healthy and functioning gastrointestinal system for humans and dogs alike.

If you want to prevent your pup from eating grass, try enhancing their diet with some fiber-rich foods. There are plenty of dog-safe fruits and veggies out there that you can share with your canine companion.

  • Pumpkin (which is also an excellent natural laxative)
  • Blueberries
  • Apples (just be sure to remove the core and any seeds)
  • Carrots
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cucumbers
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Green beans

dog eating watermelon from owners hand dog from eating grass dog eats grass ate grass dog eat grass dog eats grass upset stomach dogs

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#4. Your Pup has an Upset Stomach

Tummy aches may come and go. Humans might soothe the occasional belly ache with chicken noodle soup and hot tea. But for your furry friend, tummy trouble is best comforted by fresh grass.

If your canine has an inflamed or upset stomach, grass-eating might help them feel better. If your pup has been throwing up or passing watery stools, there might be some digestive issues at play. However, some dogs eat grass in order to induce vomiting, which can offer quick relief to stomach upset.

#5. They’re Feeling Bored

When you’re bored, you might turn to video games or a mountain-top hike. But most dogs don’t have human-like hobbies they can rely on. Instead, occasional grass eating can give them the mental stimulation they’re seeking.

Dogs will be dogs. That much is a given. So, when they’re bored, they’re likely to chew on the first thing they find. Dogs may eat grass simply because they can. Plus, they know it will bring them your attention.

Dogs eating grass doesn’t always signify a diet deficiency or underlying health issue. It’s a common behavior that can sometimes have no deeper meaning. Though it’s a good idea to consider the possibility of a nutritional deficiency or health concerns, it’s important to remember that dogs will be dogs!

dog sitting in a field of grass and flowers dog other symptoms seven years dog's stomach upset wild canids dog dog other dogs eat grass

#6. Your Dog has a Diet Deficiency

Some dogs might develop pica, a medical condition in which pups consistently chew and consume non-food items that do not provide nutritional benefits. A 2019 study found that pica was one of the three most common behavioral issues in dogs, stating that it is more likely to develop in younger dogs.

Pica can be caused by a nutritional deficiency, which can lead to obsessive grass-eating. If your canine is lacking certain vitamins and minerals in their diet, grassy greens can help them fulfill their dietary needs.

If you think your furry friend has a dietary deficiency, consult your veterinarian or switch up their food. Prioritize fiber and ensure they get enough daily exercise.

Final Thoughts

Grass-eating might be a mind-boggling practice, but it’s considered a normal behavior for canines. So, if your pup has been snacking on grassy greens, now you know why (and how to stop them!)

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