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Dog Poop Pick Up Service – California

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What Sets Us Apart From Other Dog Poop Pick Up Service Companies?

  • We service your yard the same day every week. Therefore, no guessing what day(s) your yard will be cleaned

  • We’ll send you a text message  when we’re on our way and when we’re done removing the pet waste, if you want;

  • You’ll receive a picture of your closed gate immediately after each service, via e-mail;

  • We haul the pet waste away, so you don’t have to deal with it;

  • All of our service techs are uniformed and no pooper scooper service is contracted out;

  • We offer pet waste service Monday thru Friday and as frequently as bi-weekly and up to 5 times a week.

What Our Clients Say About Scoop Masters

Our Dog Poop Pick Up Services

  • Residential/Commercial/HOAs

  • One time cleaning, vacation cleaning, initial cleaning and more

  • Homeowners Associations – Pet Waste Removal, Pet Waste Station sales, maintenance & installation.

  • Apartments / Condominiums / Parks / Bike Paths / Special Events

  • Odor Control/Sanitizing available for dog runs, artificial grass and more!

Scoop Masters Rates 

Base rates vary according to how many dogs you have and how often we service your yard, and may be adjusted according to size of property, access, terain and other factors. These include rocks, bark, weeds, dirt and unkept yards. Dogs with digestive issues may incur an additional charge. (Diarrhea, loose stool) Call us for additional rates. 800 787-7667 Ext. 1.

Additional Dog Poop Pick Up Service Rates

A one time, first visit surcharge may apply if property has not been cleaned recently!
A drive time surcharge may be added for properties located in mountain areas.

Disinfecting and Hosing off: We provide disinfecting small areas/dog runs as long as there is an operable hose and water spigot readily available. We can also provide our own hose if needed.

One time clean up: 1/2 hour (minimum) then charged for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Temporary (Vacation) Cleaning: Only slightly more than our regular rates.

Pet Waste Station Maintenance: 1 station $15.00 per visit, 2-5 $9.50 each per visit – 6+ stations, call for pricing. Replacement poop bags included!

High Strength Odor Control: Each application up to 500 square feet. Usually about the size of a large patio and dog run.

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