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Our Services that we provide may vary according to location, but this will give you a good idea of what it is we do. Of course, the most obvious part of our business is visiting your home on a regular basis and picking up the dog poop. We can visit your location up to 6 days a week, depending on location. So, let us take care of the one chore nobody likes to do so you can enjoy your dog – not constantly clean up after them! Keep reading for a summary of some of the services we offer, or enter your zip code below and get started witha  free estimate.

  • Residential/Commercial – All that means is we can scoop the yard at your home, and any place else that is not you home.

  • Homeowners Associations – Or HOA for short. Many condominiums and communities have an HOA that hire our services to clean up dog poop from the common areas and maintain their dog poop bag dispensers. (see below)

  • Pet Waste Station sales, services & installations – We are a distributor for Dogipot and Generic pet waste stations, you know, the dog poop bag dispensers you see in parks and communities. We can install in most locations and maintain them. That involves replacing the poop bags, emptying the trash cans AND cleaning off the bird poop from the dispensers!

  • Odor Control/Sanitizing services – Available for dog runs, side yards, rocs, bark, artificial grass, lawns and more! We use the Wysiwash sanitizing system, Fresh Scent 256 or Kennelsol disinfectant. All are safe around pets and plants and will kill all the common dog related viruses and parasites like Ringworm, Guardia, K-9 Parvo and others to name a few.

  • Zeolite – Natural odor control for artificial turf. If you didn’t get Zeolite when you had your turf installed, then we can do it for you. Zeolite is a long term, natural deodorizer that can last for several months and in some cases, years.

  • Apartments / Condominiums Many apartments are pet friendly and we can help you keep your tenants friendly around pets, or more precisely, their poop, by keeping your common areas dog poop free. Nothing worse than showing a prospective tenant around only to have them step in dog poop!

  • Parks / Bike Paths – The city workers take care of all the bike paths and parks in every community… NOT! That’s where we come in. Scoop Masters can keep dog parks, and people parks, pet waste free or at the very least, keep it in check. We may not be able to patrol the parks 24/7, but we can certainly clean it more often than the city or county workers. After all, they have much more important things to do in maintaining the area parks.

  • Special event services – Scoop Masters can help you with your pet related events. Whether it’s a local pet adoption event at the neighborhood Petsmart or a Bark in the Park at a major stadium, our crew can keep the area maintained during your event. Since 2005, Scoop Masters has been building and maintaining guide dog relief areas for the American Council of the Blind’s national convention along with guide dog school events all over the US. 

  • One time cleaning, vacation cleaning and more – I don’t think there’s anything we can’t do or anything we haven’t done when it comes to dog poop. Vacation cleanings and one time events are pretty common, but we have done the uncommon! Like roof tops. Yup, people actually let their dog out on their balcony and onto the roof. Playgrounds with sand. How about under the house crawl space? Been there, done that. The most bizarre? How about the underground crawl space and tunnels of a hundred year old state hospital! OK, that was mostly cat poop, but still the most insane place we’ve cleaned.

Image of 3 guide dogs in training class
Animated dog with tail wagging for Scoop Masters special display

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