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Our Pooper Scooper  FAQs

What do you do?

Scoop Masters Dog Poop Pick Up Service comes to your home regularly and cleans up what your dog leaves behind. We pick up your dog’s poop! Therefore, we are a dog poop pick up service! Really a pet waste management company, as we help you manage your pet waste problems by providing a poop scooping service, pet waste station maintenance for HOAs & more. Please, we get dozens of calls each year asking us what we do. I think we covered it in these pooper scooper FAQs.

How much do you charge for this unique pooper scooper service?

A common FAQ – We charge by the pound. Not really! It depends on how many dogs you have and how often we visit your home. The rates vary depending on your area, but you can find that information on the main city location pages. (Texas residents have to pay sales tax. We don’t charge the tax, we only collect it for the government.) We also provide one time clean ups and temporary/vacation cleaning.

Are there any hidden charges?

If we tell you… then they are no longer hidden. So, we had better tell you. The only additional charge would be an additional fee for the first visit, IF your yard has not been cleaned up within the past week or longer. Now, if you’re the type that cleans your house before the cleaning person arrives… STOP! The surcharge is usually $20.00 or $30.00 depending how long it takes. The only other “hidden” charges are the up sells.
For instance:
Hosing off your dog run;
Applying odor control applications;
Using our own hose;
Difficult and large properties.
You know who you are… your “small” backyard is 50 acres, or your dog uses a bed of river rock and tree bark to poop in. We’ll let you know if you have a difficult yard or a large yard.

What do you do with the dog poop after you pick it up?

We throw it on your neighbor’s lawn and leave a business card. Actually we bag it and we haul it away for you, no charge. Although, if your trash cans are out for pick up, we will use them to dispose of the waste.

Do I have to be home when you're there scooping my yard?

No. Most people work during the day and find it difficult to arrange a time to be home. However, if you want to be there the first day, for whatever reason, we can arrange a time to meet you and your dog. Just let us know!

How can I leave you a key to access my yard?

Most people leave a spare key in an envelope taped to the gate. When that’s not feasible, then call us and we will find a way to get your key. If you need to unlock your gate, we will require you to do so before we arrive so there are no delays in performing our pet waste services. Anytime the gate is not unlocked, we will try to contact you and wait one minute before we have to move on the next client. Of course, we will have to charge you for the service call.

Do I have to tie up my dog when you service my yard?

No, unless you know your dog is a ruthless man eater. (We’ll be sure to send a woman pooper scooper in those cases!) Most of the time the only problem we have with dogs is that they want to be petted and jump up on us. They know which pocket we keep the dog biscuits in! If your dog is on a special diet, or you just don’t want us to give them a treat, let us know. We use only high quality, healthy and nutritious dog biscuits.

You know your dog best and how he or she will react to strangers. Over the years we have met several dogs only to find out that they really are nice once you get to know them. If we feel we can not enter your property safely, then we will arrange a meeting with you to meet the dog(s), or require you to secure them while we’re there.

How are we doing with these pooper scooper FAQs so far?

How do I start up service?

It’s easy to start up service. Use our online sign up form, scroll to the bottom of these faqs or give us a phone call and about two minutes later… you’re ready to go.  800-787-7667 800 PUP-POOP. We’re out scooping most of the day (’cause its hard to see at night) so don’t be afraid to leave a message on the voice mail. Just be sure to leave your preferred contact number and we will attempt to call you within the hour! You will be invoiced via email. We will require all new clients to provide their credit card information via the secure client portal for automated payments.

Do you work in the rain or snow?

Depends how hard it’s raining. If it’s just a light drizzle, we usually work. If it’s a constant downpour, we don’t. We’re not scuba divers! Not that a little water is a big deal, but have you seen how crazy people drive in the rain? We have pooper scooper work trucks not work boats. If there is snow on the ground, chances are we’ll opt for safety and provide scooping services the next available day. We will make every attempt to get the poop cleaned up in inclement weather.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

Yes. Well, no. Actually, a terms of service will have to be checked off when signing up online. It simply gives Scoop Masters Dog Poop Pick Up Service permission to be on your property to pick up dog poop and outlines our policies and procedures. There is no minimum service, and you can cancel anytime with a phone call, email or through the client portal. Commercial accounts may require a contract.

What if I want to move or skip a service day?

You will always have access to your client portal to take care of a variety of things 24/7:
Like pause service for up to 90 days;
Add new dogs;
Request new services like Odor Control or Sanitizing;
Add or subtract service days;
Change your service address;
Adjust your billing email;
And even, sad to say, cancel your pooper scooper service.

Can I choose my service day?

Our routing optimizer will determine the best days for your pooper scooper service based on your address. We will try to get you on the days you request, but we can not guarantee the service times as there are too many variables on any given day. Most days, the service times will be close to the same each week.

I receive a text that said my yard was missed or skipped. What does that mean?

That means that we could not scoop your yard. Anytime we make a service call to your home and we have to skip for any reason, you will be charged for the visit. After all, there will be twice as much poop to clean up next time. Since this is a time based service, we want to make sure your service techs are taken care of.

Skipped days can happen if the gate is locked or blocked, the grass is too long, there’s junk all over the back yard, or the dog is not safely secured. If your yard is missed, it’s could be for a variety of reasons. Usually beyond our control, like excessive traffic, shorter work days in the winter months, a broken vehicle. You will not be charged for these missed days.

And that’s it for these pooper scooper FAQs!

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