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The Gallery

Just a few special clients that have used Scoop Masters over the years. 

Scoop Masters client gallery page

Lindsey Wagner – The Bionic Woman & Ford commercials. Also, a ton of other great movies that are simply good family friendly shows. She would often come outside and offer Maria and I drinks and snacks.

Wayne Brady before Let’s Make A Deal, Whose Line is It Anyway?, The Drew Carey Show.

Autographed photo of Wayne Brady for Scoop Masters
Autographed photo of Duffy Waldorf for Scoop Masters

Golf great, Duffy Waldorf. (Yes, he had a putting green in his backyard.)

Pop icon Alecia Moore AKA P!nk. I had no idea until my daughter saw her name on a route list and told me who whe was, now I’m a fan of her music. She is soo sweet and friendly too.

Autographed photo of Pink for Scoop Masters
Autographed photo of Stephen Perkins for Scoop Masters

 Drummer  extraordinaire Stephen Perkins, Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Banyan and some film. A cool documentary of classic rock drummers.

Speaking of Drummers… Bobby Blotzer of Ratt. I knew who he was the instant he told me his last name. Ratt n Roll!

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer
Selfie of Sinbad for scoop Masters Los Angeles

I’d be amiss if I didn’t include the one and only Sinbad, one of the funniest comedians of my time.

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