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Scoop Masters Rates

Our Rates

Our rates start as low as $14.00 per visit depending on location as our rates will vary according to location. However – we offer competitive rates no matter which market you’re in. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we have to adjust your rate according to size of property, access, terrain and other factors. These include rocks, bark, weeds, dirt and unkempt yards. Dogs with digestive issues may incur an additional charge. (Diarrhea, loose stool – Yuck!)

To get a precise rate for your location simply enter your zip code below, then enter the number of dogs and number of service days and you will instantly get a no obligation quote for service in your area. If you need more days, have more dogs, call us for custom rates at 800 PUP-POOP that’s 800 787-7667.

Some things you should know about our rates

We will have to charge you a bit more for the first visit IF you haven’t cleaned up recently. Now, don’t worry about having to clean up before we get there. After 35 years in the business, we’ve seen it all. Nothing is too gross or disgusting for us.

A drive time surcharge may be added for properties located in mountain areas. We didn’t design the road and streets but, there are many areas where we have to drive several miles out of the way to get where we need to go, and this takes time. 

Disinfecting and Hosing off: This too takes time and we do charge a small fee for doing so. And what’s more, is if we have to use our own hose we will charge a small additional fee per visit.

One time clean up fees: We charge for 1/2 hour minimum on these types of jobs. Less than 4 months since last clean up – 1/2 hour to an hour of time. More than 4 months – it could take days! OK, maybe not days, but be prepared for a couple of hours. 

Temporary (Vacation) Cleaning: As long as you keep up with the cleaning on your own, we’ll only charge a few more bucks than our normal subscription service.

Pet Waste Station Maintenance: This is pretty standard in most locations1 station $15.00 per visit, 2-4 $8.50 each per visit – 5-10 stations $7.50 each per visit – 11 or more, call for pricing. These rates are general guide lines as it will depend on the location of the stations. For instance, do we drive up to the pet station, or do we have to walk a mile down a path to reach them. Doesn’t matter to us, we’ll just have to charge a bit more to do so.

High Strength Odor Control: This another pretty standard rate at most locations. Application up to 500 Square feet $15.00 each application. I know what you’re thinking – what does 500 square feet look like? Just think of it as a large patio, or side of the house dog run. We won’t take a tape measure to your home to calculate it. (We’ll just use Google maps. LOL)

image of a lawn full of dog poop before Scoop Masters dog poop pick up service gets a hold of it.

Before Scoop Masters

Image of cleaned up yard after Scoop Masters Dog Poop Pick Up service cleaned it up

After Scoop Masters

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