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Despite your many faults and flaws, your furry friend loves you unconditionally. Your playful pooch has been by your side for years, giving you cuddles and comfort anytime you need it. One thing you likely adore about your pup is their unique personality.

Each dog breed has different characteristics that set them apart from others. From chaotic chihuahuas to massive Alaskan Malamutes, you can tell a lot about a canine just by knowing their breed. So, if you were a dog, what would you be?

At a Glance

  • You might be a Border Collie if you have a lot of energy and love spending time in the great outdoors.
  • If you pride yourself on your fashion and trendy style, you might be a Poodle.
  • Those who are exceptionally kind-hearted and loved by all are likely Chocolate Labs.
  • You’re likely a Husky if you are outgoing and have an insatiable zest for life.

Keep reading to find out!

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The Diverse World of Dog Breeds

Of the 360 internationally recognized dog breeds, each has a unique personality and set of characteristics. With such a wide range of canine diversity, it’s no wonder you’re ready to discover your true four-legged identity!

Take, for example, the Poodle, a majestic and adorable dog well-known for their innate intelligence and playful personality. They love being the life of the party, entertaining those around them with their elegance, agility, and charm.

You also have the bulldog, a sturdy and muscular pooch that can be really intimidating when they want to be. Their power and strength will always give them the upper edge in an altercation, but their determination and courage are what sets them apart.

If you have endless amounts of energy, you might be a Border Collie. These smart pups have a natural herding instinct and have a strong work ethic that complements their sharp mind.

What Dog Breed am I? Quick Personality Assessment

It’s time to take your dog personality quiz and find out what pooch you identify with! Of course, you know yourself better than we do, but this might give you some insight into your inner canine.

Let’s get started!

  1. How would you prefer to spend your free time?

A) Going to the gym
B) Having a spa day
C) Volunteering at a local school
D) Traveling the world

  1. What’s your favorite season?

A) Summer
B) Autumn
C) Spring
D) Winter

  1. Where would you prefer to live?

A) Germany – great for adventure!
B) France – it’s a beautiful and sophisticated place
C) Canada – the people are super friendly
D) Russia – the cold and snow entices me

  1. What’s your dream job?

A) Professional athlete
B) Model or fashion designer
C) Teacher
D) Wildlife photographer

  1. What’s your dream vacation?

A) Backpacking through Nepal
B) To the Effiel Tower in Paris
C) A relaxing beach getaway with friends and family
D) A ski trip to the French Alps

  1. Which car would you prefer to drive?

A) A Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+ – it’s the fastest car in the world!
B) A stylish and classy Porsche
C) An SUV that can hold the entire family
D) A Range Rover good for off-roading

  1. What’s your drink of choice?

A) A protein shake
B) Wine
C) Vanilla latte
D) Hot chocolate

  1. What’s your favorite thing to watch?

A) Sports
B) Documentaries
C) Comedies
D) Horror

  1. What’s your sense of style?

A) Sweats and an oversized T-shirt – they’re comfy and practical
B) Brand names and the latest trends
C) I don’t really think much about it
D) Enough layers just so I’m not cold outside

  1. What’s an essential step in your morning routine?

A) Going for a run or doing yoga
B) Doing my makeup and hair
C) Making a healthy breakfast
D) Checking the day’s weather forecast

Now that you’ve completed the quiz, we’ll let you in on your personal dog breed.

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Mostly A – Border Collie

a border collie dog wondering fun play temperament match match dog breed quiz dog breed dog breed

If you answered mostly A, that means you’re a Border Collie! These energetic pups love to stay active and don’t like sitting still. If that sounds like you, then you’ve found your match.

You likely prioritize your health and spending time in the outdoors, always looking forward to the next adventure. You also probably like sports, whether that means playing soccer with friends on Friday afternoons or watching Football every Sunday.

Border Collies are smart, loyal, affectionate, and alert. Nothing gets by you!

Mostly B – Poodle

poodle dog posing brave sign bed humans rest cute food quiz quiz eat loved ones sleep quiz dog breed dog breed temperament wondering match

If you answered mostly B and you’re always the best-dressed one in the room, you’re likely a Poodle. Though you’re not a showoff, you enjoy wearing the latest trends and designer clothes. Your sense of style is one to be reckoned with.

Even if you may be a little high maintenance, you are still intelligent, well-spoken, and enjoy learning new things. There’s almost nothing you can’t do.

Mostly C – Chocolate Lab

chocolate lab dog licking his lips temperament comments comment account answer dog breed dog breed quiz register steak lifestyle wondering

You’re a labrador if you answered mostly C. Everyone knows that labs are loving and kind-hearted, always putting others before themselves. Your family and friends mean the world to you, and there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for them.

Even if it’s a total stranger, you are always eager to lend a helping hand. Your generosity and compassion make you exceptionally likable. Everyone enjoys having you around!

Mostly D – Husky

siberian husky dog rolling in the grass quiz quiz quiz dog breed dog breed popular dog breeds pet peeves more quizzes love dogs describe

Huskies are working dogs bred to be hunters and guardians. Northern breeds often resemble wolves and are quite strong. If you answered mostly D, then you’re a Siberian Husky!

The cold of winter doesn’t bother you, nor does a hard day’s work. You’re always up for a new adventure, never wanting a spare moment to pass you by. You also have no problem making new friends or dipping your toes into the pool of possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. If you’re a hopeless romantic, maybe you’re actually a French Bulldog. If you’re overly protective, you might be a Doberman Pinscher. Regardless, it can be fun to explore the different personalities of our furry friends.

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