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Is your furry friend’s birthday just around the corner? Do you not know how many candles to put on their homemade cake? Dogs don’t age at the same rate as humans, so pinpointing their age can be tricky.

You might have heard that one year for Fido equals seven human years. However, the math isn’t that straightforward. Calculating a dog’s age can be a bit more complicated, so let us break it down for you.

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At a Glance

  • Many dog owners believe that one dog year equals seven human years. However, this formula is pretty outdated and not totally accurate.
  • In general, dogs age faster than humans because they live fewer years.
  • For a medium-sized dog, the first year of life equals 15 human years, and the second year equals nine more human years. Every human year after that is another four or five dog years.
  • Smaller dogs tend to age more slowly than large-breed dogs. Small dogs are considered “senior” dogs at seven years old, while large dogs are “senior” at five to six years old.

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Is One Human Year Seven Years for a Dog?

You might have heard that one dog year is the equivalent of seven human years. This has been the go-to way to calculate the age of dogs since the 1950’s. Though this can give you a very rough estimate, it’s far from accurate.

This formula is based on the statistic that humans live an average of 70 years, while most dogs live an average of 10 years. This 7:1 ratio is an easy way to forecast the age of your canine companion. But if you want a more precise number, keep reading.

Do Dogs Age Faster Than Humans?

It should go without saying that dogs age faster than humans. After all, they live fewer years than we do. Your furry friend will reach full size and maturity only a few years after birth.

Only a couple of years can make a significant difference in the behavior of your canine companion. If you just came home with a new puppy from the shelter, she’s likely bouncing around the house and relieving herself every hour (puppies tend to poop a lot.) On the other hand, a senior dog will slowly lumber to and from with little vigor in his step.

Regardless of age, canines like to defecate. The best way to keep your yard consistency clean is by hiring a team of pro poop scoopers. You’ll be able to enjoy a feces-free lawn without handling any pet poop yourself!

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How Old Is My Dog?

It can be challenging to precisely calculate dog age. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a few guidelines that can help you pinpoint an accurate number:

  • For a medium-sized dog, the first year of their life is equivalent to 15 human years.
  • The second year of their life equals an additional nine years for humans.
  • Each year after that is equivalent to four or five years for a dog.

An example of this is the Great Dane. This long-legged dog has an average life expectancy of seven to ten years, according to the Great Dane Club of America. So, a four-year-old Great Dane would be the equivalent of a 34-year-old human.

The size of your canine plays a big part in their human-equivalent age. Large dog breeds have a shorter life expectancy than that of smaller breeds. Smaller dog breeds tend to age more slowly than larger dogs.

A small dog could be considered a “senior” dog at seven years old, but a large canine might be a “senior” at five years old. This is because large dogs will likely show signs of aging and age-related illnesses sooner than smaller pets.

Of course, your dog’s breed isn’t the only thing that can potentially affect their perceived age. Other determining factors include:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Activity level

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How Old Is a Zero-Year-Old Dog?

For puppies, it can be really hard to pinpoint their human-equivalent age. Before they turn one year old, you likely won’t be able to calculate their potential age. In general, any dog less than one year of age is simply younger than 15 in human years.

Dog Age Chart

Though the guidelines from the American Veterinary Medical Association are great for general estimates, your dog’s age in human years can vary greatly based on breed and size. This dog age calculator can help you more closely determine your furry friend’s age:

Small Dogs (20 lbs or less) Medium Dogs (21-50 lbs)
Large Dogs (More than 50 lbs)
Age of Dog Age in Human Years
1 15 15 15
2 24 24 24
3 28 28 28
4 32 32 32
5 36 36 36
6 40 42 45
7 44 47 50
8 48 51 55
9 52 56 61
10 56 60 66
11 60 65 72
12 64 69 77
13 68 74 82
14 72 78 88
15 76 83 93
16 80 87 120

Keep in mind that it’s basically impossible to know the exact human-equivalent age of your dog. These guidelines are just that – guidelines!

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Final Thoughts

Before your furry friend’s birthday rolls around, it’s a good idea to figure out their age. You can even whip up a homemade pet-friendly cake to celebrate!

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