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You love your pup to death – there’s no doubt about that. But even if you adore their fluffy fur and inquisitive eyes, it’s okay if you’re not a fan of their bowel movements.

At a Glance

  1. Hire a Team of Poop-Scooping Pros
  2. Attach a Waste Bag Container to Your Leash
  3. Use a Scooping Tool
  4. Freeze It
  5. Establish a Clean-Up Schedule

Though your morning walks are enjoyable enough, you likely aren’t thrilled each time your furry friend halts in his tracks to drop a deuce. After all, picking up your dog’s poop is disgusting and unpleasant, to say the least.

As a pet parent, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to deal with your pup’s poo at one point or another. Keep reading, and we’ll let you know how to make pet waste disposal a little less disgusting.

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What’s the Deal With Dog Waste?

Dog poop isn’t just inherently gross. It’s also a health hazard, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dog poop is full of harmful bacteria and parasites that can be damaging to public health. If you don’t take care of your furry friend’s feces in a timely manner, it could pollute the area.

It doesn’t take a crazy amount of time or dedication to pick up after your pets. But that doesn’t make it any less gross or inconvenient.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can easily tend to your canine companion’s poo with minimal effort.

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#1. Hire a Team of Poop-Scooping Pros

Outsourcing the overly unpleasant task of pet waste removal is an obvious first choice. The easiest way to avoid the repulsive task of picking up your dog’s poop is to hire someone else to do it for you.

That way, you can bypass the entire poopy process!

Here at Scoop Masters, we know a thing or two about doggy doo. If your dog can poop it, we can scoop it. It’s really that simple! So, if you want to take back your freedom and avoid picking up your dog’s poo for good, we are the way to go.

We don’t contract out any work, so you can always feel comfortable with who’s coming onto your lawn. From the moment our shoes touch your property, we work quickly and efficiently to rid your property of your pup’s feces. Plus, we can send you a text before we arrive so that you are fully prepared.

We offer different service packages that you can pick from. If you want us to stop by every day, we can do that. If you’d rather we only come over once a week, we can do that too. We’ll work out all the details when you sign up. Time to put your dog’s poo behind you!

#2. Attach a Waste Bag Container to Your Leash

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If you’re not going to hire a team of pet waste removal experts to do the job, you should at least be fully prepared to do it yourself. That means having dog poop baggies on hand whenever you step foot outdoors.

You never know when the brown flower will strike!

You might have made a habit of sticking a couple of plastic bags in your purse before going out with your pup. After all, if there are no pet waste removal stations nearby, you still need to be able to pick up your dog’s poop.

But instead of having to remember to stuff a handful of dog poop bags in your pocket before taking your morning walks, all you need is a waste bag container. These useful items attach directly to your dog’s leash so that you can always have baggies on hand.

#3. Use a Scooping Tool

Here at Scoop Masters, we designed our own tools to scoop poo to ensure maximum efficiency. However, if you’re planning to face the burden of proper pet waste removal on your own, you might be able to make do with a pooper scooper from a local pet store.

Especially if you have a bad back, these little gadgets will be a lifesaver. You won’t need to bend over time and time again to pick up dog poop with a baggie. Instead, you can simply shovel each poo pile into the scooper.

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#4. Freeze It

There’s nothing more revolting than slipping a plastic bag over your hand to pick up a pile of squishy, runny poop. You might not be touching your furry friend’s feces with your bare skin, but that doesn’t make it any less gross.

That’s why people have invented aerosol sprays that will freeze your dog’s poop. Especially if your pup has been suffering from some rather watery stools lately, this will make the clean-up process much more manageable.

These aerosol sprays are designed to freeze dog feces on contact, which can even help reduce the odor! Just don’t put your pup’s poo in the fridge to freeze it… ew.

#5. Establish a Clean-Up Schedule

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If you feel like you’re constantly side-stepping piles of feces in your lawn, it might be a good idea to reevaluate your poop pick-up routine. Though picking up your dog’s poop promptly after they relieve themselves is always a good practice, most of us just don’t have the time.

Establish a set schedule for removing your pet’s waste. That way, you’ll be able to properly tend to your yard and walk barefoot without fear!

Final Thoughts

Though your dog’s poo can be repulsive and smelly, that doesn’t mean you can leave it hanging around. It’s important to clean it up promptly. With these tips in mind, you can make that dreaded process a bit more bearable!

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Scoop Masters offers professional dog waste removal services in California, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. Since 1988, we’ve saved dog owners across the country from the overly unpleasant task of picking up after their pets. Each poopy project we complete gives them the freedom, convenience, and sanitation they deserve! Contact us for a free quote, or simply stock up on enough dog poop bags to keep your pet’s number twos at bay. To stay in the loop, follow up on Facebook and Twitter/X. If your dog can poop it, we can scoop it!

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