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Hey Pet Parents, did you know that dogs dream?

Most dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day, which surprisingly is more than cats, and they spend a lot of that time dreaming! You’ve probably noticed your dog twitching slightly while sleeping. It turns out that they’re likely in the REM phase of sleep in which dreams occur. That’s about the time that your 95 lb. Labrador Retriever is kicking you in the side while taking up most of the mattress real estate. What could they possibly be dreaming about?! Here are 5 things your dog might be dreaming about while they sleep as excerpted from Harvard Health Publishing.

1. Your dog probably dreams about YOU!

Let’s be honest, you’re probably the most important person in your dog’s life! Your dog sees YOU all of the time, and we know from our human dreams that we often dream about the people close to us. No wonder he might be having nightmares, see below. Maybe you’re giving them a handful of savory treats, or running with them along a beautiful mountainside. Whatever is happening, you most likely appear often in your dog’s dreams! My dog, on the other hand, is probably dreaming about me… on the other end of the leash, and yanking me when I stop to sniff something.

2. Dogs dream about adventure.

When we dream, we often dream in stories. There’s a beginning and an end to our dreams, and while sometimes they’re random, they can be adventurous and have a plot. This is most likely the same for your dog! Your dog might dream of going on epic adventures to foreign dog parks or of riding in the car with you to fend off a hoard of pesky cats. When your dog dreams, they might be having a fantasy adventure!

3. Dogs dream about playing.

Dogs dream about dog things! Whether it’s chasing a rabbit through an open meadow or finally catching that tail they’re always chasing, your dog likely dreams of playing. Running after tennis balls and hunting down mail-men might take up a lot of your dog’s dreams. When you notice your dog’s paws twitching, they’re probably dreaming of running and playing.

“hmmm, if dogs see in grayscale, I wonder if they dream in color?”

4. Dogs dream about eating.

One of the things that dog’s love most is eating! Breakfast and dinner are most likely one of the favorite parts of your dog’s day, and we all know how much dogs love treats. When your dog isn’t chasing down the neighbor’s cat in their dream, they’re probably dreaming of a world filled with dog treats and never-ending food bowls! Nothing new there, that’s what I dream about too!

5. Dogs sometimes have nightmares.

Yup – just like humans, dogs have nightmares. If you notice your dog growling, whimpering, or howling out in their sleep, they could be having a nightmare. Their nightmares might involve scary vacuum cleaners or thunderstorms, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. While it may be tempting to wake your dog during their bad dream, you should let them sleep through it. Waking them up abruptly could cause them to become startled and confused, and you want them to be well-rested when they wake up.

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