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Los Angeles, CA — International Poop Scooper Week (IPSW), observed annually from April 1st to 7th, shines a spotlight on the importance of proper pet waste disposal for canines and their pet parents. In recognition of this event, Scoop Masters, a leading name in dog waste removal services, is thrilled to announce an exclusive discount for new customers.

Scoop Masters has long been dedicated to helping pet owners overcome the challenges associated with pet waste clean-up. To commemorate International Poop Scooper Week and extend their support to pet owners struggling to manage their furry friend’s poo, Scoop Masters is delighted to offer an exclusive discount program throughout the week. From April 1st to 7th, 2024, pet owners can take advantage of a generous 50% discount on the first four weeks of service when they sign up with Scoop Masters. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, individuals need only use the special promotional code IPSW50 when registering. This initiative aims to make it easier and more affordable for pet owners to maintain clean and hygienic outdoor spaces, promoting a healthier environment for both pets and their human companions.

While pet waste cleanup is undoubtedly crucial, lingering odors can often prove just as challenging for pet owners. Scoop Masters goes above and beyond by offering specialized odor services designed to eliminate unpleasant smells and kill bacteria and viruses. Using advanced techniques and EPA-approved formulas, Scoop Masters effectively neutralizes odors, allowing pet parents to forget about the stinky side of pet ownership.

Unlike some competitors who may subcontract work to third parties, Scoop Masters maintains full control over their operations. By employing a team of fully-trained professionals, Scoop Masters ensures consistency, reliability, and the highest standards of quality in every job they undertake. Plus, they only drive professionally branded trucks, so clients always know when their team of poop-scooping experts is on their lawn

Scoop Masters founder Timothy Stone.

International Poop Scooper Week serves as an opportune moment for Scoop Masters to showcase its comprehensive approach to pet waste management. By encouraging responsible pet waste management practices, companies like Scoop Masters play a crucial role in safeguarding public health, preserving the environment, and fostering a more pet-friendly world. As pet owners nationwide seek effective solutions to tackle their “brown flower” problems, Scoop Masters stands ready to provide the expertise and support needed to make pet ownership a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. By alleviating the burden of waste cleanup, Scoop Masters enables pet owners to focus on what matters most – quality time spent with their beloved pets.

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