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Dog Walking 101: How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

Are you unsure about the right balance between rest and exercise for your dog? It's normal to be concerned about your pup's lifestyle. After all, your canine companion can't hit up your local gym if they need a workout - they rely on you to fulfill their exercise...

Excessive Panting In Dogs And What It Means

Is your furry friend breathing a little harder than usual lately? It's normal for dogs to pant, but heavy huffing can be a sign of something more serious. More likely than not, your canine companion is just hot or excited. But it's a good idea to read up on what their...

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? 10 Reasons Why

Does it seem like your pup is glued to you at the hip? Even if you love your canine to death, it's likely that their excessive clinginess is getting overbearing. If your Velcro dog won't stop following you, you probably haven't gone to the bathroom in peace in months....

5 Ways To Trick Your Dog Into Thinking His Food Is A Tasty Treat

You likely don't enjoy eating broccoli and other less-than-delicious foods. And your pup is no different! Even if you buy your pooch premium, top-shelf dry kibble, they might prefer tasty treats more than anything. However, Milk Bones aren't a suitable substitute for...

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