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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Is your furry friend starting to smell? Bathing your playful pup isn't an easy task, but it's an important part of pet ownership. Even if your dog doesn't mind their own stinky stench, it's up to you to maintain their hygiene. One of the hardest parts of cleansing...

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails So They Don’t Freak Out

Does your dog have a chaotic breakdown every time you try to trim their nails? It's a simple enough task, but to your canine companion, it's akin to the end of the world. Successfully clipping your pup's claws can be an immense challenge when they don't sit still....

The Most Common Causes Of Diarrhea In Dogs And How To Fix Them

Is your pup's bum spewing diarrhea every time you take them outside to do their business? As gross as it sounds, it's normal for canines to have watery stools at one point or another. But just because it's natural doesn't mean you should ignore it. Your furry friend's...

Dog Walking 101: How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

Are you unsure about the right balance between rest and exercise for your dog? It's normal to be concerned about your pup's lifestyle. After all, your canine companion can't hit up your local gym if they need a workout - they rely on you to fulfill their exercise...

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